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US Company Formation

US Company Formation

EasyFiling is a US-based company that specializes in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs in establishing their organizations quickly and smoothly. Our comprehensive services include entity creation, registered agent services, business licenses and permits, business compliance, and business consultancy. By entrusting the legal and regulatory aspects to our team of professionals, entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses with peace of mind. We also provide ongoing support to ensure continued compliance with local and state standards.

US Company Formation
Our team of experienced specialists understands the unique requirements and challenges involved in setting up a business in the US. We offer tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient formation process.

Plans & Pricing

LLC or C Corporation

Wyoming or Delaware

$350/One Time
  • Prepare and File Corporation
  • Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • Same Day Live Chat/Whatsapp Support
  • Registered Agent
  • US Bank Account-Free
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Frequently asked questions


Can a non-resident operate a US LLC or Corporation from outside the US?

Yes, a non-resident can operate a US LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Corporation from outside the United States. The US allows non-residents to form and operate businesses within its jurisdiction.


Can non-residents open a US bank account for their LLC or Corporation?

You can open a US bank account for your LLC or corporation even if you’re not a US citizen. They might have to give the bank further supporting documents.


Does EasyFiling provide ongoing compliance support?

Yes, EasyFiling offers ongoing compliance support to assist you in keeping your US company in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Tax filings, annual reports, keeping company records, and following standards particular to your industry are just a few examples of compliance duties.


Find answers to frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the questions that can help you get started to grow your presence online. If you still have more queries, Contact us.

Yes, non-residents can apply for business licenses and permits for their LLC or Corporation in the US. They may need to comply with additional requirements and regulations.

Yes, EasyFiling offers ongoing compliance support to ensure that the LLC remains in good standing with the state authorities

Non-residents must have a registered agent and provide a physical address in the US.

Depending on the state and the intricacy of the corporate structure, different states have different time requirements for non-residents to incorporate an LLC or corporation. It can take a few of days or a few weeks.

Yes, a non-resident can operate a US LLC or Corporation from outside the US.

No, a US social security number is not required for non-residents to form an LLC or Corporation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue them an Employer Identification Number (EIN).